Tips for Kayaking in the Cold Weather

Paddling is always fun no matter what time of the year it is. It is especially fun in the winter but you have to be wary of the cold water. There are very few kayakers ready to go out and paddle in the cold weather so it might be a little tough to find company […]

What kind of kayak should you buy?

If you’re new to kayaking you may find yourself spoiled for choice. With so many kayaks on the market, it can feel overwhelming deciding which one is best for you. What kayak you choose depends on a lot of things like, age, fitness level, your level of kayaking experience and how much kayaking you plan […]

How to self-massage your arms after a day pf paddling

When you’re serious about kayaking, you tend to put your body through quite a lot. All that paddling can really wear you out and leave your arms aching both during kayaking and for the next day. But you can lessen those muscle pains by applying a bit of massage therapy as you continue along in […]

The Best Beginner Kayaks on the Market today

If you’re thinking of making your first foray into serious kayaking and considering your first kayak then there a few things that need to be thought out before buying. If you haven’t kayaked much in the past then it can seem very intimidating having to choose among a lot of different brands and types. Here […]