Keep It Simple Seakayaker!

K.I.S.S. stands for Keep It Simple Seakayaker! If you are interested in rolling I hope the following information will be helpful. Why roll? It builds confidence and is the ultimate in self rescue. Do you need to roll in sea kayaking? Not as long as you paddle with others, practice assisted rescues and are an expert in the next best […]

Going Kayaking? Take Your Dog with You

Life is such an adventure and nature has provided us divergent ways for us to enjoy it. For an outdoor and water enthusiast, kayaking is one way to take delight in the wonders of the world, it is a a low impact water sport everyone may love. There are various ways to enjoy this, one […]

Yes, You Can Snorkel from Your Kayak

With you snorkel and fins, do you know that you can kayak at the same time? Armed only with your best snorkel gear, you can do two good things at the same time. Some people think that it’s impossible but it’s not. This sport is popular in the island nation of Hawaii and people from […]