Going Kayaking? Take Your Dog with You

Bring you dog kayaking!

Life is such an adventure and nature has provided us divergent ways for us to enjoy it. For an outdoor and water enthusiast, kayaking is one way to take delight in the wonders of the world, it is a a low impact water sport everyone may love. There are various ways to enjoy this, one is done serenely in the open seas and another one is through an exhilarating ride to the rough rapids of the river. But the best way to get a kick out of kayaking is to share it with your loyal best friend – your dog.

Dogs love the outdoors, they can’t just get enough of dog walking around town. But do they also love the waters? These furry friends may be natural swimmers, but bear in mind that not all dogs like being in the water. Before bringing him kayaking with you, make sure that the river or the sea do not elicit extreme fears. Otherwise, kayaking won’t be an experience you both will relish.
On the other hand, if your dog loves the waters, you can take him paddling with you. Although, before you do that, there are some doggie essentials you must consider. Here some points you should remember.

Conditioning and Training
Not because your dog loves the waters doesn’t necessarily means that you can go kayaking right away. Your furry friend needs to be conditioned for your upcoming paddling. You have to train him when to get in or get out of the kayak and obey certain commands. It may take a while, but be patient. Dog training is essential and it is really worth it.

Safety Gears
Invest in dog’s safety gears. A doggie life jacket is a must when you go kayaking. Like humans, no matter how well he swims, he can still drown. Accidents do happen. So, for your adorable hound make sure he wears a life jacket during the adventure.

You should also consider getting a dog harness, sometimes dogs want to swim out in the open sea. Let them with no worries! A harness will help you lead him back to the kayak easily.

Doggie Essentials
Prior to taking your dog kayaking, make sure to bring his doggie essentials. This includes a water bowl, chew and water toys, bed or blanket and of course his treat. Being out in the sun can be dehydrating, make sure he has a bowl with fresh water always ready. Bringing something with a familiar scent like his blanket or bed, makes him more at ease during the activity and he needs it for a relaxing lounge. Chew and water toys allow them to release tension, it will make them comfortable during the travel. Doggie treats? Dogs always deserve treats.

One main point you have to remember DO NOT LEASH YOUR DOG TO THE KAYAK! Some people think that leashing their dogs to the kayak, will prevent them from getting off. That is a NO-NO, it is a huge risk that can be detrimental not only for your dog’s life but also yours. Think of this scenario, when the dog jumps, he can overturn the kayak causing him or you, or maybe both of you to drown. So be careful, it’s much better condition and train your dog before taking him kayaking. Any adventure spent with your best friend is such a wonderful experience. But think of the essentials first. Be prepared and stay safe all the time. Happy kayaking!