Kayaking Alternatives

Alternatives to kayak: paddle boarding

It’s no secret that kayaks can be expensive. Not only are kayaks expensive, but you also have to worry about getting all the accessories. Kayaks have been known to run several thousand dollars. Not to mention kayaking is a tou

There are a few alternatives to kayaking that will still get you out on the water and paddling!

Canoeing: canoeing can be a less expensive way to go paddling. There are a lot more canoes around than there are kayaks. This is mostly because kayaks are in higher demand. They are still very fun, and they aren’t much different than kayaks. You can probably find one to buy for $300 or less! If you have trouble finding ones, it might be a good idea to check garage sales, auctions, or even check out old camps to see if they have any for sale!

Canoes are low maintenance, inexpensive, and easy to use. We recommend them as an alternative to kayaking

Paddleboards: paddle boards have so many benefits we can’t even name them all. A lot of times, people even prefer paddle boards to kayaks because they are less expensive, they arguably provide more exercise than kayaks, and they are relatively easy to transport.

Paddle boarding has become sort of a fad on the west coast, however, it’s definitely picking up steam in other parts of the country as well. It’s just a fun and easy way to spend your free time on the water. We definitely recommend them if you are looking for an alternative to kayaks!

Snorkeling: maybe you don’t need a raft at all. Snorkeling is a great, inclusive activity that not only puts you on the water, but it also puts you below the water! It’s really not as difficult as you might imagine. All you need it a snorkel and some flippers. You can launch into the water from a boat or dock. And you can check out all the fun stuff to see below the water.

The great things about snorkeling, compared to kayaking or canoeing, is snorkeling can take place basically anywhere with water. Kayaking or canoeing requires a large sized body of water to be able to move freely about.

Final Thoughts

We hoped this helps! We hear a lot about people looking for alternatives to kayaking, these are just a few options you have to get out on the water. If you have anything you like to do particularly, feel free to let us know! Just comment blow if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks for reading!