Kayaking – What does it take to Protect the Skin from the Sun?

Kayaking is not only a popular water sport done by professionals, but it is also a fun filled activity for anyone who loves being under the sun and the water.  Paddling through water currents is a lot of fun and exhilarating, especially if the currents are rough – it gives an awesome adrenaline rush battling through water currents.



Kayaking has been an exciting water activity for thousands of years, invented by Aleut and Inuit hunters in the regions of North America. The kayak is actually a small boat powered by humans using a specialize paddle to maneuver it. There are multiple forms of kayaking and the two most common are the sea and the whitewater kayaking.

More than just fun, kayaking can be beneficial to anyone engaged in this type of water activity. From relieving stress, total body workout and sharpening your senses – kayaking offers it all. The only thing that can get into the way of enjoying kayaking is skin damage due to the sun.

Sun and Skin

Being under the sun while kayaking can cause the skin to be damaged if left unprotected. As most of you know, extreme UV rays can cause sunburn, premature skin aging and even the dreaded skin cancer. The UV rays can penetrate the deepest layers of the skin even though you are wearing protective clothing. It takes more than just an appropriate outfit to protect the skin. If you don’t want the harmful effects of the sun affect you, it is very essential to protect the skin at all cost.

What does it take to protect the Skin?

  • Use Sun Screen

Obviously, this is a foolproof way to decrease the risk of UV rays penetrating the skin. Sun screen made it easier to protect the skin without actually sacrificing kayaking, or any outdoor activity for that matter. Just make sure that your product has the right SPF level and protects you from both UVA and UVB rays.


  • Base Tanning


Tanning Bed

Sunless spray tan is a great way to get that gorgeous sun kissed skin. However, when we talk about base tanning, it is getting your skin prep through tanning beds. Tanning beds can gradually help trigger melanin synthesis, which could further protect the dermis by preventing UV rays from penetrating the deeper layers of the skin. So, before you go kayaking head on to tanning salons.


  • Moisturize and Hydrate

It is a good thing if your sunscreen has moisturizing ingredients in it, but if it doesn’t, better apply any moisturizers before going under the sun. The skin needs all the moisture it can get to prevent it from being dehydrated. One thing more, increase you water intake to keep you and your skin hydrated.

There you have it! Don’t let the sun prevent you from engaging the perks of outdoor activities. Protect your skin while kayaking. Revel in the compelling power of the waters.