Weight Training: Improving Your Kayaking Stroke on Dry Land

kaya kingKayaking relies heavily on the strength of your upper body, although the strength of the lower body is also needed. For a kayaker to maintain their bodies in tip-top shape when they could not train on water, weight training is actually very beneficial to their stroking skills. This provides a way for you as an athlete to maintain your body in tip-top shape, making you stronger. Weight training not only improves the strength of a kayaker, but the endurance and balance are also improved, along with the flexibility of the body. Let us look at the different training essentials of weight training to kayakers.

  • Strength

Muscle strength is greatly improved with weight training. As the strength of your muscles increase, you would improve your kayaking strokes. This ensures that you would be able to face every wave with a strong stroke to steer you towards the finish line.

  • Balance

Getting onto the boat may seem simple; however, this already requires a great deal of balance. Many people do not see it, however simple weight training can actually improve your balance. Making sure that your balance is improved can help you improve your paddling skills, to make sure that you always keep your kayak afloat and in the right direction.

  • Endurance

Constant weight training increases your endurance, making this a better avenue for you to train yourself to face the constant paddling and steering that is required of a kayaker. No matter how much you prepare yourself, you can never say that you are prepared for what nature has in store for you. The currents might get stronger or the winds may change. A well-trained athlete can endure these conditions, with weight training, improving their resistance and endurance.

  • Cardiovascular Workout

Weight training greatly improves the strength of the heart and improves blood flow to the different parts of your body. Ensuring that your cardiovascular system is in good shape gives you more peace of mind as you know that you can face the struggles of paddling. A good cardiovascular workout provides you and your body good support in terms of blood supply and oxygenation as you stroke towards your goal.

  • Flexibility

871-4-FormWeight training also greatly improves the flexibility of your muscles. Better flexibility allows you to keep stroking strongly while not having to worry about injury. Know that acquiring injury would mean that you would have to stop your sport to get better and rehabilitate yourself. Prevention is always better than cure, and weight training can help you prevent any unwanted incidents so you can continue the sport that you love.

With all these benefits in mind, going to the gym and having weight training assures you that this could actually benefit your stroking skills. You can continue training even during your off-season, especially if you are going to compete in the Olympics or any tournament per se. Of course, your strength training must be increased gradually. You have to keep in mind that you are entering a different field that would help you in your stroking skills. With continuous weight training, your stroking skills would greatly improve sooner than later, remember you are Born to Thrive.

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