What Kind of Paddling Injuries Should be Treated by a Chiropractor?

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Maybe you do not know what the job of a chiropractor is and if whatever treatment they administer works or not.  As one who loves kayaking and rowing down the stream, you actually should know about chiropractic care and all its benefits.

Because chiropractic care focuses on the ailment of any type of pain through the correct alignment of the spine, this is something you should know about.  The last time you got yourself injured on your back, did you go to a professional or did you try to fix it yourself?  How did that go?

Dr.Guenette, a Vancouver chiropractor, recommends anyone with a back injury to see a chiropractor and not treat it themselves. “An effective treatment of an injury of any kind consists on tapping on the correct spots where the pain is originating and put that part of your body back into its natural balance”, Dr. Guenette explains.

Let’s examine three possible injuries that you could suffer during kayaking and how can chiropractic care help you with it.

Back Injuries

Since you are using the latissimus dorsi and pretty much all muscles involved in the back, injury on that part is very likely to occur.  Most of the time, though, this injury is sustained due to excess paddling. Which is one reason why you should limit your kayaking or canoeing time to a designated decent amount.

Now, your back injury is connected to the spine.  In chiropractic care, we deal with the spine since all communication from the brain to the body passes through it.  So,  if we can make the spine feel good, the rest of our body probably will.

So through a thorough massage on your back and back of the neck, you should be good to go once the session is over.

Shoulder Injuries

This type of injuries is very common in those athletes who engage in one-arm rowing along with a team, like in Canadian canoe-style.

Once again, a chiropractor will locate a dislocation of the spine, will snap it back and then the body begins to successfully find the balance to reach healing really quick.


Sprains are pretty common in kayaking.  You will need attention as soon as possible. Depending on the type of injury, a chiropractor will decide.

He will take care of your sprain in less time than you know, by applying the principles described above.